Learn more about how we provide rental property owners and real estate investors with top-caliber management expertise. At Sands of Time Property Management in Beach Haven, New Jersey, we handle all aspects of the business for you. Get a glimpse of the properties we manage, the projects we handle, and the restoration work we do.


   "I cannot say enough about the Sands of Time Property Management particular, Barb. We were under a time crunch of getting our beach house ready for the season after just purchasing it. In addition, we just had a new member of our family join us so we were a little overwhelmed with a baby. However, Barb helped us throughout the process from decorating to addressing issues with the house. She made the process of getting a home in order simple and that's not easy! We literally showed up for our first week at the house with everything ready.....that never would've been the case if we tried to tackle it on our own. In addition, everything she did was beyond our expectations and better then if we did it ourselves. We are so pleased with how much help her and her team have been....and continued to be.

     Regarding managing the property itself, she's done a great job of representing us and the home we've setup! She does a wonderful job vetting the renters and making sure they have a pleasant stay. She's guided us to make sure the house has everything our renters would expect and for our own needs to when we come to the beach.

    I can't thank Barb enough and her team for all their support! We are excited for our second and full year in LBI this year."

Justin E., Beach Haven, NJ

Responsive, responsible, professional and a pleasure to work with!  All these words describe Barb and her team at Sands of Time Property Management.  It was by chance I met Barb, and so glad I did.  I was trying to manage my rental properties on my own and wasn't doing a great job.  I work full time and travel a lot, so the last thing I had time for was vetting potential renters, ensuring the house was in perfect order, responding to the call with, "there's no cable"! or, being available for almost anything I've needed.  It's invaluable having your property manager local to the property - it's under constant watch which is really important when you don't live in town yourself.


I can't say enough about the services from Sands of Time Property Management or Barb.  They've been a Godsend and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of help in managing their property or projects.  I couldn't do it without them!!!


Melissa G., Flemington, NJ

I’ve used Sands of Time on numerous occasions. Barb has a way of simplifying what seems overwhelming to me. She has helped me to pull together my poor fabric choices so that my room has that cohesive look I was working towards. She has done the legwork for me in finding the right car for my college student, found a realtor for me to list my rental properties, et cetera. Reducing the stress that comes along with having a busy life is what she does best.

- Karen S.

Beach Haven, New Jersey

"We could not have done this without Barb!!  We do not live nearby and knew we needed a professional.   Barb has been everything we needed and beyond!  We purchased our home in December 2015 and it needed extensive work before it was ready for rental season.   In order to get our property up to rental-ready, Barb interviewed and supervised painters, floor restorers,  cleaners, plumbers, landscapers, etc..  In addition, she offered excellent advice regarding paint colors, decorating, electronic;  keeping our budget priorities in mind. She has handled the weekly turnovers and any rental crises flawlessly; learning the nuances of our house as well as we have. "  

Donna I., North Beach Haven, NJ

To Whom It May Concern:

I have used the services of Sands of Time in many capacities and many times. Whether it was taking my closets apart, rearranging clothes so that they were easy to find and in order by color, and donating clothing to a nearby charity (including the gentle coaching to let go of things) to taking care of my home, each and every service was outstanding, reasonably priced and most of all done when it was promised.


I travel about 70% in my work so it provides certainty and peace of mind to know I have someone reliable, trustworthy and dependable to manage my home and affairs. I leave a list and know when I come home it is done. I have complete confidence in their services. The biggest advantage is not having to locate different people to provide services and the ability to make one call for everything. I can’t imagine how I managed before finding Sands of Time and the clear difference they make in keeping my life simple, easy and worry-free.

- Suzanne G.

I have used Sands of Time for several years for business as well as social projects with which I have been involved. I have always been pleased with her creative approach to a project. Once I communicate my concerns about a situation I can be sure that she will be devoting her energy, which is significant, to the cause.


Barb does not need to have daily reminders about timetables or deadlines. She is already ahead of the project and communicates with me at every turn. She is fully capable of dealing with vendors and contractors. I sometimes ask her to purchase various materials for projects and when she takes on this type of task the materials are always on time and on budget.


One of the things that I like best about dealing with Sands of Time Concierge is I never have to listen to excuses. Barb is always responsible and her ethics are above reproach.

- John

Beach Haven, New Jersey and Westtown, Pennsylvania